The Meetup Pillow

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I was recently lucky enough to meet up with some of my crafty cyber friends in real life!

At my first meet up, I connected with a fellow Craftster moderator and her friend from quilting guild. We spent a couple of days crafting, laughing, watching olympics, eating and drinking a glass of wine... or seven. They are both very talented quilters so I tried to suck up as much of their seamstress knowledge as I could.

They taught me a neat technique for piecing blocks that I used to create this patchwork pillow.

I started by sewing the reddish-orange block not knowing what it would eventually become. I just wanted to practice and use up some of my scrap hoard.

Shortly after I finished, I started brainstorming a project for my next meet up with Seattle area Craftster members. I decided that the I should turn my practice block into a pillow!

Since I hadn't originally planned for the block to become a pillow, the size wasn't quite right for the rectangular form I had on hand. No problem! I just created another small block in contrasting colors to fill in the extra space.

I used linen to connect the dots and this is the result!

I finished the back with a couple strips of fabric for an extra pop.

It's not perfect by any means but I'm happy that I finished a sewing project with minimal cussing!

The pillow was given away as part of a Yankee swap we did at our meet up. It was so much fun and we've all agreed that another meet up is in order very soon!


Allegory said...

So cute! Love making that block design. And mixing blocks with linen!
I think it's a fabulous pillow.

Suzy said...

Gosh I LOVE it!!!! I love those colors together!!!

Pam Fields said...

Your eye for color always blows me away. I love how the pillow turned out. And...I am so jealous of the wine drinking stitchy party! ;)

Shirley Tener said...

I think the pillow shape is great for this project and love the colors too. I hope you share the piecing tutorial

Nancy said...

It turned out really cute! I need to start doing something with my scraps;)

kittykill said...

This is so wonderful!

Kee said...

Very cute! I love the backing. That would be a nice design for a separate pillow (and way closer to my skill level ;))

Angie said...

Ah, the pillow... So, so pretty.

Leslie Andersen said...

Great pillow, great colors, lucky you for meeting up with Craftster peeps!

Rebecca White said...

I love this pillow! Great colors! Awesome piecing! Ha ha love that foundation!

ruby murray said...

Just catching up on all your posts I've missed. I love the colours you used, Quilting kinda scares me but this is so pretty, I have a ton of scraps that I should really get into. Another beautiful project Lime.

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